A Hiveauto Inc. Company

Together, we can be the bridge for consumers and the services they desire.

Our Mission

To become the trusted, low friction way for consumers to schedule services from any industry.

Hive Auto develops, partners, and innovates with cutting-edge technology to bring the future into reality today, transforming the way we experience mobility and connectivity.

We stand at the forefront of data-driven innovation and will be orchestrating a network of subsidiaries that redefine service scheduling and efficiency. As a holding company, our vision extends beyond the automotive sector, harnessing the power of data to optimize operations and customer experiences across various industries.

Our Team

CR Campbell

CR Campbell, CEO

With 40+ years in the automotive industry, including direct retail, finance and OEM experience; CR brings invaluable expertise and insights.

Kim Cowan, President

Kimberly has 20 years of experience in digital and automotive technology companies, making her the driving force behind our product development.


Jarod Kilway, CTO

Jarrod, an accomplished CTO with a robust background in the automotive industry.

Zach Elliot, CPO

Zach is a national podcast host, published author, and founder of VUVIVO Ministries. Culture talent development.

Travis Photo

Travis Burnam, Comptroller

Travis, a seasoned CPA-turned-Comptroller dedicated to optimizing business finances.


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